Frank of Chazzano Coffee Roasters
The Chazzano Story
By Frank Lanzkron-Tamarazo

My wife, Lisa, and I have always loved great food. If you want to hurt me, serve me well crafted, complex and beautifully prepared food, with a thoughtful wine menu, dessert to die for, and then...serve me a terrible cup of coffee. The last taste on my lips should enrich my life and have me leaving the restaurant with a smile. After having too many bad cups of coffee after fantastic meals, my quest began. That quest was to ensure that every restaurant patron should be able to finish their meal with joy, rather than disappointment. There is just no reason to drink bad coffee. Thus began my passion for coffee roasting and for the perfect cup of coffee.

My coffee roasting journey was born in Cranford, New Jersey in 2002. What began with a few pounds of coffee in my garage blossomed into thousands of pounds of green unroasted coffee from 20 different countries. The neighbors loved the aroma of coffee roasting and savored the coffee in their cups. It was simply the best coffee they'd experienced.

Chazzano Coffee moved from New Jersey to Chicago and then to Farmington Hills, Michigan. Chazzano Coffee Roasters is now located on 9 Mile Road in Ferndale, Michigan where I roast the coffee inside our small cafe where our customers can sit and watch the process while enjoying the product. We have no food at the cafe—it is all about the coffee and our customers know and appreciate the passion we bring to the cup. We have been voted the Best Coffee Shop in Detroit in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. In 2013, we won Best Tea Shop in Detroit!

Our coffee is roasted to perfection with care and passion to bring out the natural fragrance and flavor that comes from specialty coffee beans.

Before adding cream or sugar, try it black. Embarrass your friends and family by violently sniffing and slurping our coffee. Wine has 750 flavor profiles and coffee has over 1500. Most people have only experienced one or two notes. Let us show you how...Good Coffee Makes You Sing!


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