You Too Can Brew a Crazy Fresh Cup of Coffee
You Too Can Brew a
Fantastic Cup of Coffee

Follow these steps, to make a delicious cup of Chazzano® Coffee at home.

1. Use a Burr Grinder to grind your coffee at a coarse grind.

2. Using a standard scoop, scoop your freshly ground Chazzano Coffee.*

Number of Scoops

Size Press Pot

2 heaping scoops

Chazzano® 2-Cup Press

4 heaping scoops

Chazzano® 4-Cup Press

5 heaping scoops

32-oz. Press Pot

7 heaping scoops

48-oz. Press Pot

3. Pour water that is between 195° and 205° F into the press pot. Cover the pot with the plunger, but do not press down. If you are boiling water, wait about 30 seconds for the boiling water to drop a few degrees.

4. After 90 seconds, press down the plunger slowly and serve the freshest and most fragrant coffee that you have ever had.

*Note: If you are enjoying delicious Chazzano® Coffee iced, add an additional coffee scoop in the press.

I want you to enjoy your Chazzano® Coffee in any way that suits your taste, but before adding anything, try it black. Take some quick noisy sips.

  • Do you taste or smell something exquisite that you don’t usually associate with coffee?
  • Do you smell chamomile, or chocolate, or even tobacco?
  • Does it taste smooth, buttery, or sweet?
  • Did the taste change after it cooled down?
  • Would you enjoy this coffee at breakfast, lunch, or dinner? 

We would love to have your feedback. Fill out our Cupping Form online or come to Chazzano Coffee and fill one out in person—while enjoying a cup.

How to Cold Brew Iced Chazzano Coffee
  1. With a large pitcher, place one cup of cold water in the bottom.
  2. Place about a 1/2 lb. of fresh roasted coarsely ground Chazzano® Coffee  in the pitcher.
  3. Pour 4 cups of cold water over the coffee in the pitcher.
  4. Place the other ½ lb. of coarsely ground coffee in the pitcher and pour 4 more cups of cold water and soak the grounds.
  5. Leave the mixture in the pitcher for 12 hours or overnight, outside of the refrigerator.
  6. After 12 hours, using a strainer or the strainer hole of the pitcher, pour the concentrated coffee in a large French press (Press Pot) and strain out the coffee grounds.
  7. Pour the coffee concentrate in a closed pitcher and refrigerate.
  8. For the perfect iced coffee use the following formula: 1 part coffee concentrate, 3 parts cold water over ice.

NOTE: If you use Chazzano’s Ethiopia Sidamo, you should expect a cold beverage with notes of chocolate and cherry. Try the Brazil Cold Brew for notes of butter, chocolate, and hazelnuts—like a marzipan beverage.