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The following coffees are great as:
FP=French Press
VS=Vacuum Syphon Brewer

NOTE: We highly recommend grinding the coffee extremely fine for espresso, just before pulling espresso shots. The humidity and the frequency or infrequency of use of the espresso machine will cause you to frequently change the degree of grind. However, in the absence of an espresso grinder, we'll happily grind it for you.

Brazil Bourbon—Full City Roast
(FP, DR, VP, PO)
Like many of the Brazilian coffees, nutty smoothness, like peanut butter.

Chazzano Espresso Blend (Only for Espresso)
This is the perfect espresso. Deep tangy nuttiness with velvety smoothness and exquisite sweetness. One taste and you’ll be saying, "Wow, what an awesome crema," for several minutes.

Creamy Dreamy Blend—Full City Roast (DR, FP, VP)
This blend is not named after any TV stars. This bold, creamy and crazy coffee has spicy notes of cinnamon and pepper with luscious apricot and apple notes.

Decaf Mountain Water Process Mexico—Full City Roast (DR, FP, PO)
With glacier water, this Mexico Chiapas has awesome notes of cocoa. Finally, a decaf that doesn't taste like decaf. 

Decaf Swiss Water Process Colombia—Full City Roast (E, FP, DR, VP)
As an espresso, you'll find notes of almonds, hazelnut and cocoa notes. As a French Press or Drip brew, your friends will not know that this really is decaffeinated.

Ethiopia Harrar—City/Full City Roast (E,FP,DR, VP)
Wonderful notes of blueberry, cherry, pipe tobacco, with a red wine finish. One week after roasting, the Harrar has notes of chocolate and pepper, like a spicy Mexican chocolate. G-d drinks this coffee. I am sure of it.

Ethiopia Washed Sidamo Bagersh—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
This Sidamo, although a bit subdued from its dry-processed cousin, is fruity with currant and blackberry notes, but not too sweet to be considered a dessert coffee.

Ethiopia Limu—Full City Roast (FP, DR, E, VS)
Limu or sometimes Limmu has smooth raspberry and dark chocolate notes.

Ethiopia Mokasida (E, FP, DR)
This coffee tastes like fresh cocoa. You won't dare order a mocha after drinking this coffee.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe—City/ Full City Roast (FP, DR, PO)
Every new bag of Yirgacheffe brings new surprises. A previous crop brought some lemon zest notes and bittersweet chocolate. Another crop brought notes of orange as a splash against your palate and a sweetness of candy. This is a unique coffee that will make you marvel at the complexity of the brew.

Guatemala Santa Rosa FTO—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
This coffee has sweet notes of cashews and melted butter. You'll want to drink this coffee all day long, enjoying its buttery nuttiness and eternal smoothness.

Colombia Villa Maria Caldas Supremo (E, FP, DR)
Butter and creamy peanut butter notes make this the smoothest French Press and an awesome espresso.

Honduras Santa Rosa Organic Rainforest Alliance—Full City Roast (E, DR, FP, PO) With notes of anise, licorice and a syrupy consistency reminiscent of espresso, it's not surprising, that this makes a phenomenal espresso—well balanced and really good crema.

Kenya AA—City/ Full City Roast (E, PF, DR, PO, VS)
Roasted light to a City Roast, you'll fall into an apricot, apple, and caramel paradise. Roasted darker to a Full City roast, you’ll experience a splash of grapefruit, chocolate oranges and a creamy finish. As an espresso, just think of sipping pina coladas on the beach with its tropical fruitiness.

Mexico Chiapas Fair Trade Organic—Full City Roast/Full City Plus (E, PF, DR) This is a mild coffee with bittersweet and baker's chocolate accents. If you drink coffee all day, this should be your first choice.

Nicaragua Jinotega Las Camelias—Full City/Vienna/French Roast (E, PF, DR)
As a full-city roast, this coffee has notes of strawberry and rhubarb. Roasted dark to a Vienna roast, you'll experience walnut shells. As a dark French Roast, expect toasted oranges, sweet pungency and a tremendous boldness.

Papua New Guinea Fair Trade Organic—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
This spicy and full-bodied coffee suffers no loss of body, even when it cools. Notes of cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and cumin are found in this extraordinary coffee.

Tanzania Peaberry—Full City Roast (DR, FP)
Coffee trees blossom and produce coffee cherries. Two coffee beans are found in each cherry, unless one aborts. When this happens, the remaining bean is called a Peaberry. Peaberries are culled from the other regular coffee beans and they are highly sought after. This Peaberry has Pinot Noir aromatics and notes of chocolate cordials just before they become cloyingly sweet.

Rwanda Nyamagabe FTO (E, FP, DR)
Crazy dark chocolate and dark cherry notes with tremendous boldness.

Jen's Blend (E, FP, DR)
Sometimes, our associates try their hand at creating a superior blend. As you’ll discover, Jennifer succeeded. As an espresso, you'll think that we added cocoa.

Winter Blend (FP, DR)
This is an absolutely incredible blend of coffees from Africa and Central America. Notes of pepper, cinnamon, and ginger run smoothly through the middle of your palate.

Sumatra Mandheling Organic “Sinabung”—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
You can judge a roaster by the way he/she roasts this famous coffee. Our Sumatra Mandheling is roasted to a full city (medium) roast to bring out the floral, jasmine aroma and smooth earthy finish.

Costa Rica Tarrazu Santa Laura—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
This coffee screams nostalgia. In the year 2000, this was my first coffee that I roasted. Then, it had notes of chocolate and almonds. Today, this is the perfect smooth, mild coffee for those who fear bold and rich coffees.

Yemen Mocca San’ani—Full City Roast (FP, DR)
I finally found a Yemen Mocca San’ani that is truly fantastic. With peppery notes and a crazy boldness, this will be that superb coffee for special occasions. If you love big red wines and spicy wine, you will swoon over this premium coffee. (Full City Roast)

Klaire Bear’s Tropical Summer Blend (E, FP, DR)
This fruity blend will remind you of a fruit smoothie, smooth but rich. The smooth fruity and jam-like ending will never cease, even after it cools.

P-Jam Blend (FP, DR, E) This blend has a jam-like consistency with notes of plum and prune. Sweet, but not cloyingly so.

Jen’s Crazy Spearmint Blend (FP, DR, E)
This wild and crazy blend has notes of chocolate and spearmint. The tremendous brightness on your palate will remind you of spearmint candy.


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