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Host A Cupping Party

Great coffee should bring people together—to talk, to play, to laugh… and to sing. So what are you waiting for? Now you can host your very own Chazzano® Coffee Cupping Party at your home or office.

Great coffee, like fine wine, can be experienced on many levels. Explore the aroma. Experience the texture. Savor the taste of specialty coffee and learn how to describe those sensations in detail.

Your Chazzano® Coffee Cupping Party begins with a brief discussion about coffee’s journey from seed to cup. Then you and your guests will continue the dialogue as you experience a variety of outstanding selections from Chazzano’s menu of offerings.

Learn to taste coffee the way professionals do, while introducing yourself and your friends to Chazzano® Coffee. Call 248-691-4256 and schedule your first party today.

Enjoy our always fresh coffee!


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