Frank of Chazzano Coffee Roasters
The Name?

Many people ask me about the Chazzano® name. How do you say it and where does it come from?

First, the “ch” is not enunciated like the “ch” in chin or chicken. It’s also not pronounced like a hard “k” sound. It’s a guttural, throaty sound like the “ch” in Johann Sebastian Bach. It takes practice, but you’ll get it.

As far as where the name came from, it was a friend who suggested it. When I’m not roasting my delicious “crazy fresh coffee” I’m a Cantor or Chazzan as we say in Hebrew. The Chazzan is the primary Torah reader and singer in Jewish temples and synagogues.

I’m also Italian and everything sounds Italian when you add an “o” to the end…thus the Chazzano® name.

Of course, however you pronounce it, Chazzano® is fantastic coffee…and good coffee makes you sing®.


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