Roast Profiles


This is a light colored roast that often brings out notes that are masked and destroyed by darker roasts. In fact, this roast profile often helps the taints shine, too. If there is something wrong with the coffee, the city roast will bring those taints out. When a new shipment of coffee arrives at Chazzano® Coffee Roasters, Frank will roast a small sample to a light roast. Most people never get to sample the city roasts, unless they are fantastic.

Full City:
Most of our coffee is roasted around this medium roast profile—not too light and not too dark. The full city roast profile often brings out the sweet spot. The taints are often not easily recognizable and the best notes of the coffee shine here.

The Vienna roast profile is darker than the full city but there is no oily sheen on the bean. Some coffee should only be roasted to this level because they taste grassy and vegetable-like with lighter roasts. However, if you roast some coffee to a Vienna roast, you may actually burn off some of the best notes of the coffee.

French Roast:
I am embarrassed to offer this oily and dark coffee as whole beans, but I force myself to do so because some selections beg for this dark roasted treatment.