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What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee is unique based on three components—beans, roasting and brewing.

It starts with the beans. Chazzano® buys its green coffee beans from coffee farms around the world in regions that engage in fair trade or treat their workers well. This includes areas in South America, Asia and Africa. We believe that farmers and workers should be compensated for their hard work in bringing us the highest quality coffee. We also buy organic because we want our customers to drink our coffee all day without worrying about potentially harmful additives. 

The next phase is roasting—a combination of artistry, science and a fantastic sense of smell. Bringing out a coffee’s distinctive character is a roastmaster’s challenge. Keeping the coffee fresh is our promise. We vacuum-seal our coffee to help retain the wonderful aromatics expected from awesome coffee.

And finally, the perfect cup of coffee ends with proper brewing technique. The right ratio of coffee to water, the correct grind suited to the method and the proper water temperature and contact time are all fundamentals that must be satisfied to produce a specialty cup of coffee. For example, coffee must be brewed with water that is between 190° and 205° F. Under 190°, coffee tastes flat, bland and boring. Just before boiling the coffee grinds become well extracted along with all of the incredible flavors that one expects from specialty coffee.

In the end, specialty coffee is defined in the cup. And, if you are still not sure, just taste a cup of Chazzano® fresh-roasted coffee.

Enjoy our always fantastic coffee!


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